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An adventurous artist

I've always believed in the principle of writing and singing songs that I want to hear. In other cases, I find it hard to enjoy the music I do. The inspiration must grow from within and it is that inspiration that I try to reflected in the performance. The music I make is a journey through time and space from Latin America to Sweden and back. This has become an adventure that has led me to find connections between these two important places in my life, which are geographically located very far apart but still very close and deeply entrenched in my heart and mind. It has not been easy and it is not easy to understand the mechanisms by which we live the lives we do today. On the whole we are very different, but many of us humans have similar experiences through life. I want, with my music, to give a picture of this, a kind of photograph as proof that time goes by. A story that tells us that we are product of the, before us, lived life. That no one escapes from others' decisions and that we have in one way or another the power to challenge this reality. As the cuban songwriter Silvio Rodriguez very well says in one of his many songs: "people without history is the history"

I thank you for listening


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